IVT Bluesoleil 10.0.498.0 Crack + Activation Key Latest Version 2023

IVT Bluesoleil 10.0.498.0 Crack + Registration Key 2022

IVT Bluesoleil 10.0.498.0 Crack & Serial Number Free Full Activated

IVT Bluesoleil 10.0.498.0 Crack + Activation Key Latest 2023

IVT BlueSoleil Crack is a well-known Bluetooth software solution that has been the software of choice for Windows users wishing to administer Bluetooth devices. BlueSoleil is a flexible Bluetooth management tool made by IVT Corporation that lets users connect, handle, and talk to a lot of different Bluetooth devices. BlueSoleil makes it easy to connect any Bluetooth-enabled device to your Windows PC, like a smartphone, headset, mouse, keyboard, or anything else. It also gives you a simple way to manage these links.

One great thing about Ivt Bluesoleil Crack Windows 10 is that it works with a lot of different Bluetooth devices. It works with a wide range of devices, both old and new, because it supports multiple Bluetooth standards. In other words, BlueSoleil can connect to both older Bluetooth devices and newer Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices. The software also works with Bluetooth 4.0 devices, so it can be used with new Bluetooth accessories.

How Do I Pair My Bluetooth Device With Bluesoleil?

Turn on your computer’s Bluetooth before pairing your Bluetooth device with Bluesoleil. Ivt Bluesoleil Crack Latest Version software has an option to “Add a new Bluetooth device” or “Pair a new device.” Bluesoleil will seek for nearby Bluetooth devices after clicking this. Set your target Bluetooth device in pairing mode by pressing and holding the pairing button. When Bluesoleil discovers it, choose it and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection procedure, which may include confirming a passkey or PIN. Your Bluetooth device should be connected to your PC after pairing.

Ivt Bluesoleil Crack Free Download has an easy-to-use interface that makes pairing and managing Bluetooth devices faster and easier. It makes it easy to find nearby devices, connect to them, and handle connections that are already made. This method makes it easy for people of all skill levels to use, from those who are just starting out to those who are very good at it.

Bluesoleil Activation Key does more than just manage Bluetooth devices. It also lets you share files, use wireless dial-up, and more. It also comes with an easy-to-use file transfer tool that lets users send and receive files between their PC and devices that are linked to it. Because it has wireless dial-up, your phone can connect to the internet on your PC as a 3G or 4G connection.

IVT Bluesoleil 10.0.498.0 Crack + Activation Key Latest 2023

Key Features

  • Bluetooth Device Management BlueSoleil has a single interface that lets you connect and control many Bluetooth devices, like headphones, mice, laptops, smartphones, and more.
  • Wireless File Transfer: It’s easy to move files between your computer and gadgets that have Bluetooth. This makes it easy to send files like pictures, documents, and more.
  • Support for Bluetooth Headsets: BlueSoleil works with Bluetooth speakers, which means that you can easily connect your wireless headphones to your computer and use them for both music and voice calls.
  • Wireless Printing:  Printers that have Bluetooth can print papers wirelessly.
  • Connecting via Bluetooth dial-up: This app lets you use your Bluetooth-enabled phone as a router to connect to the internet.
  • Synchronization over wireless: BlueSoleil can keep your contacts, calendars, and notes on both your computer and your phone up to date by syncing them.
  • Management of SMS: When you pair a Bluetooth-enabled phone with your computer, you can send, receive, and handle SMS messages from your computer.
  • Support for Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP): With this feature, you can set up virtual serial ports over Bluetooth, which lets devices that use serial connection talk to each other.
  • Networking in a personal area (PAN): You can connect your computer to other Bluetooth-enabled devices and use PAN to make a network. This lets you share an internet connection or other resources.

System Requirements:

Component Minimum Requirements
Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor 1 GHz or faster
RAM 512 MB or more
Hard Disk Space 100 MB of available space
Bluetooth Adapter Built-in or external Bluetooth 2.1

How To Install?

  • First Of all Downnload The Exe setup From Here.
  • Start up the installer: Find the installation file that you got. It’s likely an.exe file. To run the launcher, double-click on the file.

IVT Bluesoleil 10.0.498.0 Crack + Activation Key Latest Version 2023

IVT Bluesoleil 10.0.498.0 Crack + Activation Key Latest 2023

IVT Bluesoleil 10.0.498.0 Crack + Activation Key Latest Version


  • Install BlueSoleil: Follow the steps that the software gives you on the screen. You have to agree to the license terms and pick the installation path. Most of the time, the normal location is in “Program Files.”

IVT Bluesoleil 10.0.498 Crack + Activation Key Latest Version 2023

IVT Bluesoleil 10.0.498.0 Crack + Activation Key Latest Version 2023

  • Finish the installation: You can start using BlueSoleil as soon as the installation is done.

IVT Bluesoleil 10.0.498.0 Crack + Activation Key Latest Version

  • Using BlueSoleil: BlueSoleil gives you an easy-to-use interface for controlling your Bluetooth devices. You can connect to wireless speakers, send and receive files, and more.

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